School Acknowledgements

Student House continues to recognise the important contribution NSW public schools make each year to assist with our work

We acknowledge school donations on a student per capita basis, not on school classification, with five tiers of supporter status (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze). In this way, we extend our gratitude to all within the school community for their support.

To be eligible for an award, a school community must fundraise for Stewart House and ensure the donation reaches our offices by 31 December each year.  Once a donation has been registered, your school’s staff contributions (through the Salary Contribution Scheme) are included in a final total. We then obtain enrolment figures from the DoE annual census in order to calculate the final student per capita donations.

Awards Presentation Ceremonies in 2020 & 2021 Moved Online

We host an annual Awards Presentation Ceremony where significant contributions from the previous year are honoured in an on-site event. In 2020, the social restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic forced a re-think of ways to commemorate the fundraising efforts of our supporters. As a result, we moved our celebration online and created a feature to honour those schools recognised for their exceptional fundraising efforts. Shortly after the beginning of 2021, we were forced to continue with this online format. Details and entries to the events can be viewed in our Ceremony of Appreciation Feature.

Appreciation Feature

School Donor Recognition Program - 2021 Acknowledgements