Memories of Stewart House

Hello my name is Michael, I was a resident of Stewart House back in the late 1980’s and I have only recently come back to NSW from Western Australia.I spent a little of my childhood at Stewart House and I think the staff from the past to the present are true legends in my view. I just want to thank you for being there to help people like me and to help the thousands of kids you have helped in the past and all the kids you are going to help in the future.
– Michael


I was only thinking today and speaking with my Mum about my wonderful experience at Stewart House in 1984, age 8. We were talking about Stewart House today because I had an Optometrist appointment and it was whilst I was at Stewart House that my eye problem was discovered. At the time my parents had just split up, my sister had moved inter state for a year (we are close), we were quite poor, I had learning difficulties, I had never really had a holiday, I was acting out (stealing etc), the list could go on. My favourite memories at Stewart House were swimming at the beach, getting the yummiest desserts from the leftovers from a bakery, getting to order my lunch, running across the Harbour Bridge at night, doing fun things and meeting new people. I am now a mother of three, University educated, Justice of the Peace (so I must have stopped stealing-no criminal record!!) etc. I am okay. I just wanted to say thanks for the work you do I still vividly remember my experience, it was much needed, much fun and much appreciated.
 – Donna


Please find the enclosed cheque to aid you in the good work you are doing with needy children. I am 71 now but I have never forgotten my stay there and the caring I received.
 – John


Please pass on a big thank you as I attended Stewart House myself on two separate occasions in a time of need. The experience assisted me immensely and set me on a great footing for my future. I think it was in 1970 and 1976.
 – Edith

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